“Bollywood Zinda Hai” An Amazing Reply To The People Who Thinks There...

“Bollywood Zinda Hai” An Amazing Reply To The People Who Thinks There Is No Meaning In Movies


“Bollywood Zinda Hai” An Amazing Reply To The People Who Thinks There Is No Meaning In Movies: Everybody seems that bollywood is just a source of bloody Entertainment. Here we are going to give you exact verdict which shows that our cinema has produced lots of meaningful stories. Yes we know that cinema is going through the toughest time where everybody seems to invest in any movie with one motive to earn huge amount of money.

Entertainment movies

Box office collections also matters at some point, but the team behind every single movie also expects that their hard work will be proven best in the industry and off-course every one want to earn some sufficient amount for their better livelihood.

No one should have much problem with this thing because you also could have gone through the same phase in your life.

The basic thing that we all need to understand about this industry that it can’t move with one kind of topic or genre also like Hollywood is going through.

When it comes towards the awards on international platform we should accept that we ain’t producing that level movies in our country. But how many of us know that there are big no. of documentaries available in our country that are getting awards on Canvas of international platforms.


In-spite of these short movies there are more proper movies available in bollywood through which we can prove that our cinema still has potential to create amazing production on international canvas.

You can have a look on the diary of Mr. Perfectionist “Aamir Khan” who has been giving tremendous projects to the bollywood. No one can put finger on the hard work of this particular star. He deserves every kind of respect around the people in industry and country.

If you think that everybody should have given same stories that this man is taking then you are going in wrong perception buddy.

Because he is totally dedicated towards his hard work and he takes time for each project either it takes him 6 months or a year. Doesn’t matter for this man because it seems like this man isn’t going behind earnings for any particular project. Patience is the key to success as we all know when hard work meets patience it creates huge amount of success through out the world.

Same kind of things bollywood needs for better project and we hope they will come with that very soon. Support industry for the betterment of our cinema regardless of Entertainment.